Friday, February 28, 2014

43.) Tree February 27, 2014

Tree is another piece for which I was a little less methodical during the composition process.  I selected a single transposition of a mode, this time mode 3, and just went for it.  I didn't create any other structural guidelines.  The piece sounds improvisational in nature, similar to last week's piece.  It's fun to play.

I made use of a couple of less-than-usual piano techniques.  One is a delayed pedal, after a loud bass note.  This happens right at the beginning.  The damper doesn't finish muting the string before I apply the pedal.  The effect is kind of an "injured" sustain, with different overtones highlighted.  The other technique is the silent depressing of keys, which lifts the dampers without the note sounding.  These strings then vibrate sympathetically when I play other notes.  I worked with this idea a lot in the improvisation section of the recording.  

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