Thursday, February 20, 2014

42.) FrontBack February 20, 2014

I began the process of writing FrontBack with a little less organization that I've been using lately.  I simply started with a transposition of mode two and just went from there.  It felt pretty liberating actually, and I enjoy the openness of what resulted.  However, it's a little less natural for me to write in this way, because I usually like my pieces to be very simple, depicting one or two ideas clearly.  It's my feeling that pieces like that are good for improvisation because they suggest a clear direction.  Even the mood of this piece varies quite a bit.  But in recording, I don't think that made it difficult to choose my improvisation direction.  The ending of the piece suggests a point of departure, and the other moods in it were fun to explore after a while.    

The title comes from the Unifying Principle, the core of macrobiotic philosophy:

1.) Everything is a differentiation of infinite Oneness.
2.) Everything changes.
3.) All antagonisms are complementary.
4.) There is nothing identical.
5.) What has a front has a back.
6.) The bigger the front, the bigger the back.
7.) What has a beginning has an end.  

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