Wednesday, July 3, 2013

9.) Arc en ciel July 1, 2013

Week two of four up at the New York Summer Music Festival in Oneonta.  We've been having scattered showers all week up here and a few days ago we were treated to a beautiful double rainbow.  At that time the seed of Arc en ciel was already planted, but when it was time to title it, I wanted to reference the rainbow without being too boring and obvious, so why not head on over to google translate again.  

I do feel like the piece fits the title.  I has a degree of radiance, and it definitely copies some of Messiaen's sound.  I'm finding it very tempting to go there lately.  The piece is composed of two transpositions of mode two, which is the diminished scale, again.   I really don't think I'll ever get tired of that sound.  This time, we are entirely in the first transposition for the first three phrases.  The fourth phrase (after the melody enters) transitions us to the third transposition, and the final phrase brings us back to the first.  The melody and progression are repeated with some ornamental colors.  Anyone with synesthesia care to report if I represented the colors of the rainbow accurately?  It's probably a disturbing combination of colors.  

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