Saturday, October 26, 2013

23.) Sendak October 25, 2013


Up to this point, I had overlooked Messiaen's fourth mode.  It consists of two four note chromatic cells a minor third apart.  For example [C,Db,D,Eb,Gb,G,Ab,A].  The piece uses four transpositions of this mode.  The use of each scale concludes with the two major triads that can be derived out of the mode, which happen to be a tritone apart.   I enjoy the sound of that relationship and I explored it in my improvisation.

I recently heard a Fresh Air interview with author/illustrator Maurice Sendak from December 2011, which was very beautiful and inspiring.   I highly recommend you check it out.  Terry Gross asked some questions that really opened him up.  It's very emotional.  It's full of vulnerability, integrity, and truth.  It encourages me to keep on keeping on with honesty, to follow my path, to trust my own voice.

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